Nøkken, 1887-92 (The Water Spirit)

Visuals, Inspiration and the whole look of the game

Hello there!
I’m Kenneth Eilertsen, Lead 3D on Through The Woods. And I’d like to reveal a little on the background for the visual style in our game.

Apart from my 3D Artist Bachelor, which I’m finishing up this spring, I also went to a Norwegian Arts school called NISS, studying at the Special-Effects Make-up program, creating monsters, zombies and other cool characters!
What gets me really invested in our project is that we get to do our own take on Norse Myths and legends. And trust me, our Concept artist is coming up with some really stellar designs!
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From here on out; The announcement, the teaser and the future of the project!

Hey, I’m Ole Helland, and I’m the creative director and audio designer on Through the Woods.

This is the first “proper” blog post. Our goal is to make the development as exposed as possible. So if you want us to write about something, no matter how specific, let us know!

Anyway, just a few hours ago, we announced Through the Woods, its website and last but not least the teaser!

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