From here on out; The announcement, the teaser and the future of the project!

Hey, I’m Ole Helland, and I’m the creative director and audio designer on Through the Woods.

This is the first “proper” blog post. Our goal is to make the development as exposed as possible. So if you want us to write about something, no matter how specific, let us know!

Anyway, just a few hours ago, we announced Through the Woods, its website and last but not least the teaser!

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We made the teaser in about a week and we hope it portrays the things to come in a good way!

Currently, we’re developing a vertical slice (demo) of the project to ensure that we really nail the core gameplay before we continue developing the rest of the game in a more traditional form.  To make that vertical slice, we have set up a list of 3 internal goals for the main features in the game, as a whole.

Those goals are;

  1. Exploring and pinpointing possible threats with a flashlight
  2. Story / Progression of the game
  3. Vivid forest, believable “enemies”

1. The core mechanic will be designed around the interaction of using (or not using) the flashlight to explore and pinpoint your way between any obstacles or threats that present themselves throughout the game.

2. I can’t really go into the story too much, but being the one writing it, I just want to mention that we have a creative way of approaching the balance between gameplay and storytelling. Antagonist’s credo “To make story-driven games, without sacrificing gameplay for story” may sound a bit general these days, but we take it seriously! You’re not an anonymous character going through a forest with no clear goals.
Trust me; The second you sit down with Through the Woods, you’ll want to see it through.

3. When we started designing the core mechanics around this game, we wanted to approach the term “enemy” in a different way. Again, I don’t want to spoil too much before releasing another trailer, but let’s just say that they aren’t necessarily the biggest threat in the game.

Anyway, right now, I’m just stoked to be able to talk about the project, so if you have any further questions, do ask them in the comments field!
You can also ask me on Twitter; @JackShjt, or on our facebook-pages for Antagonist or even Through the Woods.

In the following weeks, the team will focus on fine-tuning and implementing the goals that we have set for the gameplay mechanics. As soon as we are confident enough, we will release a trailer to show the gameplay footage. Do check this page for the following updates!

Thanks for reading!

PS. You probably know about it, but we’ve put out Through the Woods on Steam Greenlight, so please help us get our game greenlit, if you haven’t already. :3

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  1. This looks really promising! Let’s just say you got my full attention with this teaser trailer. If you ever need a alpha/beta tester send me a mail. Si hi to Anders! :)

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