An update on Through the Woods

Hi people of the internet!

It’s time for a long awaited update from us here at Antagonist.

My name is Anders Hillestad, I’m one of the Co-founders in Antagonist and the Producer on Through the Woods.

I’m the guy in charge of making sure our talented team has everything they need to make this game that we’re so excited about! And I felt that it was time that I let the rest of you know why it’s been a bit quiet from our side.

The main reason is that the core-team has been busy this spring finishing up their Bachelor’s Degrees, and having enough time left over besides making the game, to actively interact with you guys proved more difficult than we had anticipated. After we announced ‘Through the Woods’ back in March we received so much positive and constructive feedback that we were not quite prepared to reply to it all, but we have found a better way to approach it as we love interacting with you the players. Thank you guys so much for all the emails and comments, it makes our jobs so worth doing!

So what are the most important changes since you last heard from us? Well, we all graduated, so there’s that! But more importantly we have been hard at work with the game and finished up a prototype for some external testing. We are now making some adjustments to that prototype to make sure that the player-experience is just right. We have taken what we learned from the testing and we have now set down the structure and story for the entire game. I can’t wait to see what you guys think, but alas we’re still early in the development process.

We hired a new talented programmer, Torstein. His field of expertise is A.I., and he has quickly made a big impact on the game.

We have been to several conferences like Nordic Game Conference in Malmö and Gamelab in Barcelona, both to promote ‘Through the Woods’ and to learn from other experienced developers. I will be going to GDC Europe and Gamescom in Cologne in a little over a week, so if you are around, please feel free to reach out, I love to talk to people about games and game development!

Lastly I can reveal that we will in short time release both new screenshots and a brand new teaser-trailer for ‘Through the Woods’! The progress on the game has been amazing and we here at Antagonist can’t wait to hear what you think as we reveal a little more of our story.

For now, here is a little sneak peek of what is to come!

–      AntagonistTTW_Update1


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