Through the Woods demo at Yumecon

Antagonist presentation talking about Through the Woods

So last weekend we traveled to Notodden in Telemark, Norway to attend the first Yumecon convention (link in Norwegian) and have the very first public showing of our Through the Woods demo.


Yumecon opening show - Through the Woods demo
The opening show of Yumecon.


We had a really great time there, we saw some fantastic costumes and had lots of fun playing games and watching the stuff happening on stage. I was invited to Yumecon to do a talk on game development in general, as well as about what we do at Antagonist and the progress so far on our game, Through the Woods. Afterwards we had a station set up with a playable demo of Through the Woods so that people could try it out. It was fantastic to see people queuing up so quickly, and waiting for a long time to be able to play our game, it was an amazing feeling!


Fans playing Through the Woods
A few fans playing our Through the Woods demo.


We got to talk to a lot of you, the players, and the general consensus was that you loved what we had done so far with Through the Woods. But you  also had some really great feedback on how we should move further in the development of the game, and as soon as we got back to the Antagonist office this week we started implementing changes based on that feedback!


Yumecon Cosplay Jury - Through the Woods demo
The Yumecon Cosplay Jury


Also something we didn’t anticipate, we got a tremendous amount of people wanting to audition to be a voice-actor in Through the Woods! That’s something we think is really cool, and we’re really looking forward to hearing your submissions and trying to find fitting characters for your voices.

Whats next in line for Through the Woods?

This coming weekend from Friday to Sunday, Antagonist will be at Gigacon in the expo area, showing off the latest Through the Woods demo to all the participants. Come by the Stand Indie to check out a lot of cool games from Norwegian developers!

Also please remember to vote for us on Steam Greenlight. We need your help to be able to bring Through the Woods to as many people as possible.

And as a final treat, the winner of the Yumecon Cosplay competition.

Yumecon Cosplay Winner - Through the Woods demo
The winner of the Yumecon Cosplay competition, Ingrid Madsen Karterød with her fantastic costume of T’Pring from Star Trek.



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