Antagonist, one of Norway’s 5 best game studios?

The five presenting companies at Konsoll Connect Antagonist

A week ago we attended the largest game development conference in Norway, the Konsoll 2014 conference, hosted by the Game Developers Guild of Norway (where I also Chair the Eastern Norway chapter, more about the community involvement of Antagonist in a later post). We were also invited to present Antagonist at a coinciding event, more on that below.


James Portnow Presenting Konsoll 2014
James Portnow with the opening keynote of Konsoll 2014.


The conference itself was really great, with inspiring talks by mostly international speakers. Among those, keynote-speaker James Portnow (Extra Credits) who talked about games as More Than a Pastime: A Promise to Future Generations. Emmy Jonassen’s (Indie Game Girl) keynote It’s Not About You: “A Scientific Approach to Effective Indie Game Marketing”. Another popular talk was Lee Petty’s (Double Fine Productions) Transparency in Broken Age, as well as other great talks by Anna Marsh, Luke Dicken, Andy Touch, Alex Trowers, Mattis Delerud and more.

 Konsoll Connect Investmentforum 2014

At the same time as the Konsoll conference, the Game Developers Guild of Norway collaborated with an organization called Connect to host the very first Konsoll Connect Investmentforum. The first time several Norwegian game studios were gathered to meet with publishers, platform holders and games investors. Connect is a non-profit organization that helps start-up companies, with an aim to help entrepreneurs to speed up their commercialization process and prepare them to meet investors and industrial partners.


Paul Heydon presenting at Konsoll Connect
One of the speakers at Konsoll Connect was Paul Heydon from London Venture Partners.


At Konsoll Connect there was a total of 13 investors (among others London Venture Partners and Alliance Venture), representatives from Nintendo and Microsoft, as well as representatives from Innovation Norway and many other entrepreneurial-friendly organizations.

 Pitching Antagonist among the stars

After a careful selection-process by Connect, they invited what they feel are the 5 best game studios of Norway in 2014 to pitch at Konsoll Connect, and Antagonist was one of those 5!

We were the youngest studio present and the only one without a product in the market yet. We are really proud to have been considered in the same company as Artplant (Battlestar Galactica Online), DirtyBit (FunRun), Sarepta Studio (Shadow Puppeteer) and Rain  (Teslagrad).
It was a great honor for me to present our vision for Antagonist, our plans for delivering on our current project Through the Woods and our strategy for the future. We got some great feedback and had a lot of fun in the process.

Afterwards the investors picked their choice of the most promising game studio, and the winner was .. *drum roll* ..


Aurora from DirtyBit
DirtyBit won the award for the most promising game studio of Konsoll Connect 2014! Here represented by Aurora Klæboe Berg standing next to Kim Daniel Arthur from Superplus (and founding employee of Playfish).


Antagonist was also asked to pitch Through the Woods at the Dragons Den, which was the final event of the Konsoll 2014 conference, intended as light entertainment and a learning opportunity for all.

Nobody can say that Antagonist isn’t doing their utmost to help out in the game development community, which we proved by showing live that you should always test your tech in the intended presentation environment before going on stage, so only half of our screen was visible, our slides were unreadable and the playable build was hard to see.

Oh well, we can’t win them all! But several people came up to us afterwards and said they love the premise of Through the Woods, and that’s all we really wanted to showcase anyway.

So even in failure you can achieve success!


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