We went to GIGACON!

We went to GIGACON in Oslo and showed off the latest build of Through the Woods!

GIGACON is the first digital game-festival in Norway and features a LAN-party for 3000 participants as well as an expo-area with 40 stands! As a part of the exciting Stand Indie expo (made possible by the great guys in D-Pad!), we’ll be showing off our latest build of Through the Woods. In it, you can test the prototype for one of the creatures that will appear in the game, and we can happily report that it’s already created a few scares amongst the people who have tested it so far.so be sure to stop by if you’re there. Either way, we’ll be sure to write about it when it’s over.

At the same expo you can check out games by our friends in Krillbite, Sarepta (Who just released Shadow Puppeteer on Steam!), Trollpants, D-Pad, 4-Bit and more!

It’s a little bit exciting for us, seeing as it’s the biggest conference we’ve tested a working build. It’s only been a couple of hours in, and we’ve already had a queue of people wanting to test our game. Meanwhile, we’ve been taking notes of the feedback, and we might tweak the game just a little bit between the days, so you can stop by even if you’ve played it before. There’s also a screen showing off a new teaser that we made a while back, but we haven’t published it online yet.

Oh, we updated the design for our website as well.

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