Through the Woods funding – New Teaser & Screenshots

Antagonist Through the Woods

We are happy to say that today the Norwegian Film Institute announced that they have selected Antagonist to receive development funds. As one of the 9 companies this round to get funding from the public grant that they manage on behalf of the Norwegian government.
To celebrate this and also reaching some important internal milestones, we want to introduce you to a little more of the story in Through the Woods.

Funding for Through the Woods

The Norwegian Film Institute has decided to grant Antagonist with 300 000,- NOK (~45 000,- USD) to further the development of Through the Woods. We are of course incredibly happy for this, because it sends a signal that the jury believes in us and in the potential of our game Through the Woods.

Kaja Hench Dyrlie from NFI had this to say about our project: «An exciting project from a newly established company that we strongly believe in. They have provided a very convincing and thorough application, and they receive funding for the first phase of development».

This combined with the recent investment from the Founders Fund gives us some space to breathe and continue focus on crafting Through the Woods to the quality that it deserves. And to celebrate this occasion we now want to tell you more about the story in Through the Woods.
So without further ado, here is our newest teaser-trailer!

And to compliment the the teaser we’re releasing 4 new Screenshots and a «postcard».

Antagonist Through the Woods Antagonist Through the Woods Screenshot Antagonist Through the Woods Screenshot Antagonist Through the Woods Screenshot Antagonist Through the Woods Screenshot

How can you help us out?

Don’t forget that Through the Woods is still on Steam Greenlight, please follow the link to vote and help us out so we can bring our game to as many people as possible!

If you have any questions about the game or anything else, please join us in our new forum, we are eagerly awaiting your feedback!

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