Artist Blog // Week 3, December 2014

Antagonist Artist Blog

Hei, there.

Every week we hope to post an artist blog to show a couple of interesting art assets that may or may not make it into the final version of Through the Woods. These could be character models, environments, concept art, monsters, objects in the game world, and so on.
Along with the sound design, the art style of the game is what really makes Through the Woods stand out.

Here’s this week’s artist blog fix:

So in this week’s artist blog we’re showing some early concept work by Torje and Kenneth.

A lot of the concept art, and many aspects of the game generally, has been inspired by the work of Lars Hertervig and Teodor Kittelsen, two of the most popular Norwegian artists. Hertervig is famous for his unsettling landscapes and Kittelsen for his trolls and other mythic Norwegian forest creatures. Both artists are huge inspirations for the art style, the environments, creatures and even the music of Through the Woods.

Antagonist Artist a Blog 4
We wanted the forest to be dark and mysterious but also alive. Norwegians are very at ease with the nature that surrounds them but we want to try to make the forest scary again, and give players the sense that you do not know the forest. You don’t know what’s in there, living among the trees and hiding from the world.


In Through the Woods, the creatures deep in the forest are just going about their lives and, if you happen across them, you are the interloper. You are the one who have intruded into their territory. They may be frightened, they may attack, they may defend, but they don’t simply seek you out to kill you. Not all of them anyway…


That’s it for this week. For the next Antagonist artist blog, check back here regularly. Until next time!

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