Artist Blog // Week 4, December 2014

Artist Blog

Hello there, friends and neighbours.

Welcome to this week’s artist blog. Every week we hope to post an artist blog to show a couple of interesting art assets that may or may not make it into the final version of Through the Woods. These could be character models, environments, concept art, monsters, objects in the game world, and so on.

Here’s this week’s artist blog fix:

This week is the first of a two-part look at the player character of Through the Woods. The second part will hopefully come early in the new year.

So here we have a couple of early concept pieces of the player character created by our lovely intern, Mia Skåre.

Artist Blog

We noticed that, despite the west’s current emphasis on gender equality, there are almost no mother characters, or even female characters, in modern games. The medium appears to be dominated by male leads. And quite often, when there is a female with a large part, they are evil.

Artist Blog

So, while we are not really trying to comment too much politically on the state of things, we wanted the mother character of our game to have an interesting mix of vulnerability and strength, and not adhere to the common video game trope of having a weak female character in need of protection. As of yet, the mother in the game doesn’t have a name, but the story surrounding her and her lost son is already in the final stages of development.


Ok that’s it for this week. Keep your eyes out for next week’s artist blog and, in the new year, for the second part of our lead character concept art.

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