More Content and Blogs Incoming

You’re about to get informed.

Hello there, friends, neighbours and lovers of blogs.

We have decided we need to share more of what’s going on behind closed doors at Antagonist. We stated when we started the company that we would try to make the development of our first game, Through the Woods, as exposed as possible, but this is harder than it sounds!

When the team is making teaser reveal trailers and thinking about how to best introduce the world to our team’s characters and creations, it begins to feel quite unnatural just to publish a load of character models and art online for the world to see. It sort of removes one’s ability to control how the public first experiences the world we have created here.

However, now that we have released our announcement teaser and a second story teaser, we think it really is time to share and blog more about our game, our world, the development and ourselves.

So, from Monday onwards, expect regular updates, blog posts, dev blogs, office antics and perhaps even, if you’re very lucky, an occasional tutorial. In any case, hopefully one should find something here of interest.

Here’s to the future of Antagonist. Enjoy!


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One comment on “More Content and Blogs Incoming

  1. So nice of you to give me a heads up before I get informed ;)

    I agree that randomly publishing concepts aren’t a good habit, just for the sake of sharing stuff. But nice to know that you can share a bit more now.

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