Office Gossip // Week 3, December 2014

Hello there, loyal fans.

Every week we endeavour to provide you with new and up to date office gossip about what’s going on around the office, who’s been to see what at the cinema and how many reps Torje is up to while sculpting his Guns.

The purpose of this blog is to show you that we are humans as well as game designers. Well, we’re all human except Torstein, who we suspect may be a shoddily clapped together robot. 

This week’s office gossip:

Ole Helland: This week, Ole was lucky enough to go see Mastodon in Oslo. I would wait for his review of the concert but that would be pointless as Mastodon are always incredible.

Dan: Shock! Horror! This week Dan’s house was almost burgled by a very foolish robber who tried to loudly break open his living room window ten minutes after he had gone to bed. Luckily Dan heard the would-be thief and chased him away, calling him a nasty name we shan’t repeat here. The police were there in minutes but sadly didn’t find the criminal even with dogs. But, if you’re out there, Mr. Thief, and are thinking about trying to rob Dan again, Dan has a strong message for you; ‘Please don’t rob me. It’s mean, and Santa’s watching.’

Torstein: This week, Torstein’s lady wife bought back a new computer from the US of A. Or, the components to make a new computer, anyway. Very exciting! However, they don’t have a case for it yet, so apparently the parts are sitting there on the living room floor, gathering dust and wondering if they will ever serve a purpose in life.

Torje: Torje and dozens of his pale friends failed to kill the last boss in World of Warcraft after spending three hours attacking it. Sadly they only had two ranged DPS and as you can probably tell I have no idea what I’m writing about here.

Anders: Anders said his comments weren’t ready for public display so he’s obviously just really unhappy with us all.

Stian: This week Stian has been busy helping old people connect to the internet. No one knows why he does this but most of us suspect he is under the misguided assumption someone will give him the ‘Helping Old People’ badge he never received when he was in the Scouts. Aside from that he has been designing a creature for Through the Woods that looks pretty fantastic and obviously modelled on one of these ancient Internet Explorer users.

Kenneth: This week, Kenneth tells me he has been fighting a winning battle with his blender. That was a joke, I meant the program Blender of course. Hilarious. He says getting used to a completely new program is very difficult. I tried to learn Blender once, many years ago. I spent five hours making a silver, 3D gingerbread man from a tutorial. Then I realised 3D design wasn’t for me. On a side note, Kenneth is also 90% done with his Christmas shopping. You bastard.

Ole Furu: Furu thought and thought but apparently had so many awesome things happen to him this week he couldn’t give me just one before this was posted. But, to speculate, I saw him looking longingly at a new and very sexy midi keyboard today on the You Tube which was pretty much porn for musicians such as himself, so I think we can all imagine what he’s been doing at home… NSFW, Ole.

That’s it! For more office gossip, check back next week.


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