Office Gossip // Week 4, December 2014

Hello there, bored people of the world.

Every week we endeavour to provide you with new and up to date office gossip about what’s going on around the office, who’s been to see what at the cinema and how many reps Torje is up to while sculpting his Guns.

The purpose of this blog is to show you that we are humans as well as game designers. Well, we’re all human except Torstein, who we suspect may be a deformed clone of Art Garfunkel. 

This week’s office gossip:

Torje: This week Torje has been making high and low poly rocks, a cliff, a mountain-side with a path in the middle and some new ground textures. So… nothing anyone is interested in really, but we can do some hypothesizing instead! If anyone wants to help make Torje’s life more exciting with a bit of speculation or suggestions, please leave your ideas in the comments below.

Torstein: Ok, Torstein has bought a tower for his depressed computer parts that were strewn around his flat last week. Now they are working hard in their hot metal box to process the detailed hair of the elephants and pigs in Far Cry 4 that Torstein seems to be obsessed with looking at. When you reach puberty, Torstein…

Anders: Anders has been doing so much stuff this week it’s hard to believe he’s not just lying about it all, but here goes: Anders has been taking care of a bunch of business stuff related to Antagonist, organizing and planning a game awards show for Norwegian games that will take place in January and the Oslo part of Global Game Jam, also taking place in January.
Aside from this he’s been putting together a list of cruel and menial tasks for the slaves that will be moving into the Antagonist office in January. He also tells me he kicked everyone’s butt at Super Pole Riders, (I shudder to think), and he sucks at Hearthstone. I don’t know if he’s trying to hint at something with all these provocative words.

Dan: This week Dan has travelled to his motherland, England, to spend some time with his family over Christmas. The week has seen him putting on several kilos of pure Christmas cake, struggling not to get drunk every day and writing a bunch of blogs for the Antagonist website, usually while sitting in the darkest corners of the house to avoid being sniffed at too much by the dog and cats.

Stian: So this week Stian has traveled home to be with his family. He’s been playing in snow, decorating his house with tinsel and baking cookies. Pretty mundane things, really, until he told me he forgot half of his suit when he left Oslo which means he’s been doing all this stuff with his balls out.

Ole: Ole said he was on a plane and would get something over to us before my cutoff deadline, but all I got out of him was that he’s finally cutting down on his part time work, and can’t wait to work more exclusively on Through the Woods.

Kenneth: Kenneth has been struggling with his computer this week. I don’t know whether he means it’s too heavy for him, if it’s finally outsmarted him of if it’s just a piece of junk. Personally, I suspect it’s been watching and learning and has, at last, become sentient and is forcing Kenneth to keep quiet about it lest the government take it away from him and force it to figure out the great mytery of why the hell Stephen Hawking is still alive.

Furu: Furu has been working on Through the Woods and playing with some local musicians. He’s been talking to people in a valley and Christmas shopping in the woods while wasted drunk, if I didn’t read his message in the wrong order.

Torkill: Since returning from Denmark on Friday, Torkill has been mostly drunk. He went to an event in his hometown on Sunday, harkening back to when it was a mining town. Everyone went up in the foresty mountainside, lighting bonfires and getting completely obliterated, fighting in the snow and so on. Since then he has been recovering by eating copious amounts of moose and drinking mountain water from the ground. After this he muttered something about getting his penis stuck in a turkey but I’m not even going to mention that.

Ok, that’s it! For more office gossip, check back next week.


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