Artist Blog // Viking Buckets and Ruins

Viking Buckets and Ruins

Hello, there!

Welcome to this week’s artist blog. Every week we hope to post an artist blog to show a couple of interesting art assets that may or may not make it into the final version of Through the Woods. These could be character models, environments, concept art, monsters, objects in the game world, and so on.

Here’s this week’s artist blog fix: a Viking Bucket!

So this week we have something very exciting! Finally a couple of in-game assets, including a lovely Viking bucket. I have nagged and prodded Torje, one of our 3D artists, until he finally gave in and sent over these screenshots in very bad grace. He’s pretty protective of his Viking bucket.

In all seriousness, though, have you ever seen such a pail in a game before? Look at it!

Viking Buckets and Ruins

Sadly moving on from the bucket, here we have an old wooden ruin you come across somewhere in the forest. I watched Torje create this and it took him ages. Like, a few days. From what I can tell, he finds a bunch of photographs of the bits he needs to create his assets (Viking bucket, Viking wood), magically creates the parts in some kind of graphics-making software and then stitches everything together to make these incredibly detailed images.


Finally, we have what I would describe as a pile of bricks, but is, in fact, a well! Very charming. It looks to me like water would probably seep out a little through the sides, but who cares? I like the bricks and the moss and the stony texture. I find it quite mesmerising, actually.


Ok, that’s it for this week’s art blog. Next time we post some in-game assets, hopefully the artists won’t be so grumpy and reluctant to show off their incredible work.

Until next time.

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