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Making Water Glasses Cry

Hello there, lovers of audio and reading

Every week we will be sharing a little audio news about what goes on behind the scenes of the audio department at Antagonist. Dan, head of audio stuff, splits his time between his studio where he writes and mixes music, the office where he sits to edit and develop the design of the audio, and various locations around and about where he records environment sounds, wildlife, ambience, etc.

This week’s audio news, making water glasses cry:

Hello here.

This week we have something quite interesting. I was asked to make a sound effect for some objects in the game, the objects being reflectors. You know, the reflective shapes you wear when it’s dark and you want to be seen by cars?

In Through the Woods your son is missing. He collects these reflectors and, as you search for him on the island where you spend most of the game, you come across a series of them in the woods and must assume your son has left them as a trail for you to follow.

So, when you’re there in the dark and your torch passes over one of these reflectors, there is a flash of light (the reflection) and… a sound. Of course, this would not really make a sound, but there needs to be something to tell you this is interesting and important and that you should check it out.

I already made sounds for this event a few months ago, but now we are looking for something slightly different. The original sound was a beautiful glass armonica which made a lovely, flash/reflection nioise, but a few days ago I discovered something much better; giant wine glasses.

Making Water Glasses Cry

So I have been experimenting with dipping my finger in a water glass and circling it around the edge. Of course, this produces a wonderful, high pitched hum, almost like you’re making water glasses cry. But if you vary the speed at which you circle the lip of the glass, you introduce all kinds of incredible, organic creaks, shrieks and strangeness, which I think is perfect for our game.

I’m planning on pitch shifting these sounds around and such to create effects for all kinds of other things and maybe even creatures in the game. I’m looking forwards to experimenting with different sizes of glass, different amounts of water within the glass, etc.

I basically stuck a Neumann U87 and an Audio Technica AT4040 right in front of the glass as a stereo pair for the recordings. If you want to check them out, you can visit my Trackwriters SoundCloud page.

Ok, that’s it from me for this week. As always, any questions can be mailed to or you can leave a comment below.

Check back here next week for some more audio news. Until then, have a great week!


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