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Every week we endeavour to provide you with new and up to date gossip about what’s going on around the office, who’s been to see what at the cinema and whether Torje’s gunz are as muscular as his bunz.

The purpose of this blog is to show you that we are humans as well as game designers. Well, we’re all human except Torstein, who once showed me a newspaper clipping showing a photograph of him winning a prize for tap dancing at school. The paper was dated 1967. He has since denied the conversation ever took place, but I see him sometimes, sitting at his desk or standing in queues, tapping his little feet…

This week’s office gossip:

Ole Erik: Ole was at Oslo Fright Fest on Saturday, where Antagonist were showing off a demo of a Through the Woods. He says, ‘it was pretty weird, but it was good’ because he’s awesome at describing things. He got a couple of testers (?) and got to watch some cool movies!

Since Ole’s girlfriend was very ill yesterday after she had been mostly eaten by him last week, Ole took on the role as masterchef of the house, and cooked some sirloin of his poor dear with mushroom sauce and some ‘damn nice tatoes from back home! it was delish!’ [sic].

Besides all this, Ole has been learning to count again by taking Elmo’s Sesame Street music lessons as he finds sus4’s and maj7th chords difficult to play on his trombone.

Stian: Stian says Oslo Fright Fest was pretty ‘freaky’ with lots of ‘weird but also good movies’, because he and Ole Erik went to the same school. He somehow managed to lure people away from the horror films, probably with the promise of candy, knowing him, to try the little Through the Woods demo.

Stian also managed to get sick over the weekend (which I would put down to karma), and now he’s almost deaf and coughs so much that he can barely sleep, which means he can go all night and barely hears the screams. So… perfect, really.

Torstein: Torstein was at Oslo Fright Fest on Friday with Ole, Torje and Stian. How surprising! They watched a few scary movies, two of them starring Stian. In one movie a man killed a real slug. The real slug died in real life, not just in the movie and Torstein felt a little bad for it. I remember him glaring a lot at Stian and shouting things like ‘Shame on you, Stian!’

Torstein had a delicious ladymeat hamburger with Ole. The next day Diane (Torstein’s ‘wife’) made some delicious chicken that tasted like waffles, which makes no sense. On Sunday he ate pizza which tasted like any typical Peppes Pizza; fucking revolting. I guess it could have used some ladyfingers. Torstein says if anything else happened last week, he forgets.

I’m hungry.

Dan: Dan, unlike these losers, didn’t take part in all this Fright Fest rubbish. Dan was in New York, which was super exciting. He ate in a load of fancy restaurants, some even with Michelin stars, tried oysters for the first time, drank a lot of gin & tonic, flew around Manhattan in a helicopter and got upgraded to first class on the journey back. Dan was even able to have a shower in the VIP lounge at JFK, which he describes as, ‘Just like having a shower at home, except with more people and iPads outside the door’.

Dan had never been to the U.S. before and was fully expecting to hate it, which did not turn out to be the case. Except for Times Square, which is just the worst. Really, the most awful place you can think of. Yes, even worse than there.

Dan did manage to catch a cold in New York, which is turning out to be just as loud and obnoxious as you’d imagine, being an American cold. It seems to be waging a war on Dan’s body for no reason and Dan has decided to stop there or they might not let him go back.

Kenneth: Kenneth said, ‘My weekq [sic]: I don’t care about anything, I love my new computer. That’s all.’ to which I replied, ‘Perfect, thanks!’ Kenneth then went on to say, ‘I built it, it was nervewrecking’. Who does that? You don’t say ‘That is all’ right before you go on to describe something in even more detail. God, Kenneth.

Ok, that’s it for this week’s slightly shorter office gossip.

Until next time, friends and friends of friends!

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