Antagonist's Question Time

Office Gossip // Week 3, January 2015

Many greetings!

Every week we endeavour to provide you with new and up to date office gossip about what’s going on around the office, who’s been to see what at the cinema and how many times a day Torje actually speaks to someone.

The purpose of this blog is to show you that we are humans as well as game designers. Well, we’re all human except Torstein, who, rumour has it, sleeps with his head twisted around 180 degrees, always anti-clockwise. So… take from that what you will. Read more

Audio News

NM i Gameplay: Ohminus // Game Jam Post-Mortem

Hello everyone!

As you may have read on the blog last week we in Antagonist participated in NM i Gameplay (Norwegian Championship in Gameplay). NM i Gameplay is a ten day long game jam (hosted by the Norwegian Film Institute) with a bag full of coins for whoever makes the best game. The contest ended on Saturday, so today we thought we would share some more stuff with you all about the game we made, as well as some thoughts post-mortem, and… the game itself(!!!)  Read more

Audio News

Audio News // Week 3, January 2015

Hello there, cats and dogs.

Every week we will be sharing a little audio news about what goes on behind the scenes of the audio department at Antagonist. Dan, head of audio stuff, splits his time between his studio where he writes and mixes music, the office where he sits to edit and develop the design of the audio, and various locations around and about where he records environment sounds, wildlife, ambience, etc. Read more

Artist Blog

Theodor Kittelsen’s Melancholy Creatures

Hello, girls, boys and everyone in between.

Welcome to this week’s artist blog. Every week we hope to post an artist blog to show a couple of interesting art assets that may or may not make it into the final version of Through the Woods. These could be character models, environments, concept art, monsters, objects in the game world, and so on. Read more


We’ve been Greenlit, and a look back at 2014!

Right before the New Year’s Eve we got a nice mail from Steam concerning our Greenlight campaign: “Your title, ‘Through the Woods,’ has been Greenlit”! Since it’s been a while since I wrote a proper blog post, I figured I might as well write a bit about the year that’s gone by, being a new year and everything. Read more