Antagonist’s Favourite 60-Second YouTube Clips

Favourite 60-Second YouTube Clips

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Every week, to help us show you more of who we are on the warm and gooey inside, we will be answering a weekly question.

This week’s question; What are Antagonist’s favourite 60-second YouTube clips?

Furu: I’m, just saying… if I was an evil Sith lord… I’d totally behave like this!

Torstein: Easy. This is the single best video on Youtube, no question about it. The first time I saw it was during a lecture at school, in the auditorium, with 200 people attending. Some guy in front of me was watching it on his laptop. I’ve never struggled so much to not laugh.




Just because one of us probably isn’t going to post and my and Torstein’s shared love for failing robots.

Torstein: Had a friend translate the robot for me a while back. It was something like:
Robot: Here’s another one coming like a speeding bullet!
Woman: Hello.
Robot: Yes yes! I hear you loud and clear!
*Woman pushes button*
Robot: Let’s drink-ommunication! (Pun on drink and communication..?)
*Robot self-destructs*
Robot: Once again I will stay with you until the end!

Dan: By the slightly dodgy sound effect of the car coming to a halt, my highly trained ears suspect what no other human is capable of hearing; that the video is fake. Nevertheless, I like to pretend it’s real and I hope there really are a few ‘senior’ members of society who would defend their honour in such a way.

Ok, that’s it from us this week, dear readers. If you have a question for us, feel free to leave it in the comments below. Until next week!

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