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This week’s question; What are Antagonist’s favourite films?

Ole Helland: Oldboy, hands down. I think everyone who’s seen it will know why I love it.

Never before have I seen such a nice mixture of mystery, action and drama. It’s from South Korea, and was made in 2003. The premise of the movie is genius: a man is abducted from his family, becomes the prime suspect for the murder of his wife and is locked inside a room for 15 years. Out of nowhere, he’s suddenly released with a simple message: “You have 3 days to figure out who I am and why I’ve done this to you”. You’re only 15 minutes into the movie, and the rest is riddled with plot twists and an ending that’ll leave you speechless. The epic fight scene in the middle was shot in one take, simply because they didn’t have the money to shoot the intended scene. Poor guy.

I picked up this movie by accident when I traded in a movie I already had two of. This was before anyone told me anything about it, so do stay away from any more investigating of the movie and just watch it. Contact me afterwards, I’d love hearing what you thought!

PS: Don’t even consider checking out the offensively bad American version.

Torstein: I don’t think I have a favorite movie, because there are too many good ones. But, one that’s really good is Seven Samurai. It’s a black-and-white samurai movie from the 50’s, about a poor mountain village that tries to hire samurai to protect them from an impending bandit attack. The movie is super great in so many ways, from the characters, to the depressing atmosphere, to the authentic feel of all the sets. The whole movie feels very honest and grounded, while still being about samurai fighting bandits. It’s also really well directed. It’s just really good, okay? It’s widely considered one of the best movies of all time, geez.

I used to be pretty skeptical of black-and-white movies, and Seven Samurai is sort of what made me realize that that’s stupid. It’s an especially interesting movie to watch because it’s a double historical movie! By which I mean that it was made a long time ago, about a time that’s even longer ago. So, watching the movie, there are a lot of interesting observations to be made about both time periods!

But really, if I had to tell you what the actual BEST movie in the world is, it’s obviously Hot Shots 2! Seven Samurai is pretty good too though.

Ole Eirk: Asking me what my favourite movie is is like asking a lion what kind of meat it likes, but if I absolutely have to pick one out of the long list it would have to be Alien. This was probably the movie that got me interested in the horror genre (together with The Omen). I just loved the whole atmosphere of the movie, and I remember I loved the idea of having just one, silent, alien killer aboard this claustrophobic ship.

Kenneth: My favorite movie… I¬†guess I’ll have to be REALLY boring and say Star Wars V – The Empire Strikes Back, for no other reason than it being the perfect film in my favorite fandom. It’s the pinnacle of the Star Wars films, you know all the characters already from the first one, and get to see more of the world Lucas created. It’s dark, tense and really well paced. It gives me some really strong nostalgic feelings that remind me of me and my little brother renting it almost every time we rented a movie, buying lots of candy and watching it over and over in the TV-room my parents built in the basement. After several years, we FINALLY nagged my father into buying the whole trilogy and watched it some more. I know I’m boring now, but I just love that movie, I could watch it any time.

Anders: I have a hard time being able to answer the favorite anything really, I’ve only learned to come up with an answer in regards to games because it was pretty much required during my education as a game designer. I like a lot of things for very different reasons, often depending on what my mood is. But since you’re forcing my hands here, I would have to say Whatever Happened to Harold Smith? Not because I think it’s the best movie in the world, but because of my memories watching it and how it made me feel.

The first time I saw it was around 4 AM on random cable TV when I was around 19-20 years old, and being that time of night I had to question if I really enjoyed what I had just watched or if I was just sleep-deprived. The movie seemed impossible to get a hold of, and it would go many years before I got to see it again, but it always lingered at the back of my mind. Being a UK comedy I found it a bit humorous that I could only find it on VHS here in Europe, it ended up with me finding a US DVD-version suddenly a long time later. I was nervous and popped it in, was this going to ruin a beautiful memory? But I absolutely loved it, even as cheesy as it is. Yes Vince and Jo is a “classic” love-story that we’ve seen many times before, but I love the premise of the clash of Disco versus Punk. Tom Courtenay in the role of Harold Smith as he discovers his telekinetic abilities is one of the most likeable characters ever. This was also probably my first ever exposure to the brilliant Stephen Fry, without fully realizing it. It would take yet another re-watching some years later to discover this fact, he plays a role in this film that is just perfect for him. And let’s not forget about Mr. Turd Tache. Ahh how I love British humour, and really, that’s the only reason why we keep Dan around.

Dan: I think my favourite movie has to be Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. It has everything you need in a movie; Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, a brilliant score by Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh and pirates, amongst many other brilliant elements. Seu Jorge’s incredible Portugese translations and live acoustic performances of David Bowie songs was worth the ticket price alone.

I feel very lucky to have seen this in the cinema when no one in my area, including myself, had even heard of the film. A friend and I bought tickets to see Constantine but he was too scared to go into the theatre so we went to the next screen, which was empty. The Life Aquatic started playing and I understood very quickly there was something special about it, and I have always been grateful to Chris that he was such a coward.

I have placed this painting next to my fish tank, so my Siamese fighting fish has something interesting to look at.


Stian: That’s a tough one, but the first movie that comes to mind is Book of Eli because I love the concept, story, characters, design and the overall atmosphere! And even though the theme itself might be used too much in both movies and games I think this one is rather original. Plus the theme IS really cool if executed well.

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