Antagonist’s Favourite Games

Antagonist's Favourite Games

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Every week, to help us show you more of who we are on the warm and gooey inside, we will be answering a weekly question.

This week’s question; What are Antagonist’s favourite games?

Furu: My favourite game is also a tough question, but I can boil it down to two contestants! Half-Life and Systemshock 2 are two of the greatest games of all time for me personally. When Half-Life came out in ’98, I was still hitting Doom and Quake, and even Duke Nukem. (I’m an FPS sucker!) And a thing I didn’t think about at the time was the story. I played games because shooting creatures in the face was fun! Then I picked up Half-Life.

The graphics had improved a great deal from Quake, and the story part in gaming for me became an important factor. I loved the story in Half-Life and I think I have played the game well over 50 times, and I still love it! And when Systemshock 2 came out in ’99, I wanted to check it out. Worst mistake ever! I had nightmares for a year after that. Just recently finished the game again, and I still find it to be one of the most creepy and frightening games of all time. Great design of an antagonist in a game right there! Would love to see a remake! In conclusion: Half-Life – 9.8/10. Sytemshock 2 – 9.7/10

Torstein: Again, there are so many good games, so it’s a little impossible to pick one. But for the sake of writing something interesting I’ll say Dwarf Fortress, because it is honestly the most incredible game in the world. It’s actually what got me interested in programming! So I wouldn’t be working on Through the Woods if not for Dwarf Fortress. I’m sure most people interested in indie games have heard about Dwarf Fortress, but I think a lot of them haven’t tried it for themselves! I say they should!

It simulates an entire Tolkienesque fantasy world, down to details no other game cares about. Among the many, many things simulated there are thoughts, feelings, social structures, blood pressure, hair growth, hygiene, metallurgy, geology, cat breeding, skinning cats, making cat biscuits, and so on. Gameplay wise it’s similar to most city-building games, but everything being simulated so meticulously really makes it a different experience. In no other game do you get to see a drunk dwarf violently mourn the loss of his pet donkey, accidentally set himself on fire, drink his own tears, and kill a man with puke.

Stian: I probably also would have to say Half-Life 2, but to go in a different direction I love Borderlands 2! I’ve never played a game with such different and well… characteristic characters, all with extreme personalities, all hilarious. Never laughed so much at any other game. They use a strong artistic style which has later been overused, but really works well for this universe. There are quite a few awesome expansions as well, and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep was brilliant! Tiny Tina must be one of my favorite characters of all time. Haven’t been able to try out the Presequel yet, but hope to do so soon (it’s in my library!). I also believe that The Last of Us will be one of my favorites once I get to sit down and start the game.

Kenneth: Ouch, that’s a hard one. One of the games that define the types of games I play today is Max Payne. When I first played it I had never seen anything like it, the story and the theme was so different from other games, the gameplay came at the height of the matrix fame, and was, as such, fucking awesome. The voice acting and script was cool and calculated. This defined my favourite genre. Action games with a well made story. And the pinnacle of that, my all time favourite must be The Last of Us

Torje: Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls. Super awesome gameplay, level design and story.


Ole: I’m struggling more than I’d like admitting to on this one. I was torn between Silent Hill 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, Final Fantasy VII and Shadow of the Colussus. But it wasn’t easy to find the “perfect” game with an almost flawless design. That’s why I think I have to say Red Dead Redemption, to be honest. I’m really struggling to find any negative aspect of that game, seeing as I did literally everything in the single-player, without struggling with the pacing (I’m looking at you Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed).

The story is told through tid bits of dialogue between Marston and the NPC’s you encounter in the game and the set pieces are just astonishing: Heisting a train, saving someone from being hanged by shooting the rope or, of course, as you ride down to the southern region of the game while the music of José Gonzalés plays. Actually, all the music in the game is pitch perfect. I really love how the instruments change, depending on what area you are in. Even though I loved almost every aspect of Grand Theft Auto V, I’m still waiting for that announcement of a Red Dead sequel, Rockstar.

PS: Being a Rockstar game, I expected that the game would continue after the credits, but the way they did it in this one was nothing short of brilliant. I won’t spoil it for Anders, but everyone else knows what I’m talking about.

Dan: For me, there are a lot of games vying for the number one spot, such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Half-Life, Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, Flashback, the usual suspects. My favourite game is a usual suspect, too; The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

All I know about this game is that I have never experienced the same level of pure and childlike wonder as I did playing this game for the first time after all the months of anticipation building up to it, before or since. I would talk to my friends about it in the playground at school, ‘Can you imagine running around cutting up grass in 3D‽’

The game was just this incredible, massive adventure, unlike anything someone like me could have experienced in any other medium. I was able to wander around at my leisure, exploring this huge world and meeting these fantastically idiosyncratic characters. It was truly like a wonderful second life I could step into at any time, sometimes just to hang out there and be somewhere other than my real life. It’s so difficult to describe the feeling of adventure the game instilled in me as I stepped out for the first time into Hyrule Field.

The only games that have come close to giving me similar feelings in adulthood have been Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and, to a slightly lesser extent, Kentucky Route Zero, both of which are gorgeous and full of magic.


Anders: Favorite game? Haven’t I told you that I hate listing favorites? Well I guess I also told you that due to my trade I’ve learned how to come up with an answer for games. And not surprisingly, my deduction skills, as with movies, are tied into how it made, or makes, me feel.

My choice has nothing to do with technical excellence, and not even that much with how it was designed. Although the creators behind it did do a lot of new things in exciting ways, that many others later have copied. But they also did their fair share of copying, such is (usually) the way popular games are made.

This is the game that really brought forward my interest to work with game development, I was so interested in the game that I got involved in the community around it and through that got to know a lot of the developers, even on a personal level, many whom today are still some of my greatest friends. Not to mention the people I met playing this game, it’s the people that really made it worth it. Spending so much time together, facing adversaries day and night, hunting down the smelly clams, overcoming the greatest challenges, and I’m not even talking about creatures in the game, but the lag.

Ah, but to stop teasing, I am of course talking about Anarchy Online. Anarchy Online was the first MMORPG I was exposed to, and thus the one that will always hold a special place in my heart, how it is for most others who have played an MMORPG to the end-game. The game was excellent on so many levels, from the sci-fi aspect in lore, to the way the playfields were designed and encounters that we faced. The political aspects of building up and running a top-level guild is something truly fascinating (Disciples of Omni-Tek, may your memory live on forever), especially in a game that revolves around controlling territory to excel, and needing help from your allies to come to ones aid when enemy’s are at the gate (Don’t expect the fence-sitting neutrals in Borealis to ever give a damn). And if you were to get really bored, pump all your energy and Microsoft Excel skills into twinking a level 24 character to wear level 200 implants so you can just steamroll solo all over the bases of the poor unsuspecting noobs just trying to make a living.

My career in Anarchy Online was a bumpy ride, my main of choice was a Trader, which at the beginning was considered one of the meanest fighting machines ever to set their feet on Rubi-Ka, I remember how the only way I was able to get someone to fight me in the local arena, I had to go stand in a corner, un-equip my weapon, put on a really low-level coat, and pretend I was AFK. Then, and only then, would MAYBE, 3 people dare to enter the arena, move closer and closer, attempting to gang up on me. The trap was sprung, I would insta-equip my shotgun, mezz the one guy, insta-crit the one guy and root the last guy running away, I would take my time and tear their limbs apart and wipe the floor with them, this was my domain! But you will never get me to admit we Trader’s were over-powered. Until that one fateful day when the evil KarmaKappa layeth the nerf-hammer upon us and we were transformed into an eternal servitude of simply being a wrangle-whore.

I learned so much about myself from playing this game (sorry team, Anarchy Online is probably why I’m a horrible boss today), it will always be some of my fondest memories. But I will never pour that amount of energy into a game ever again, I will never have the time or ability to play a game in the same hardcore way. And for that reason alone I think Anarchy Online will always be my favorite game. Funcom did an awesome job in bringing this rough diamond into life, and if they ever were to make a Anarchy Online 2, I fear for the future of Antagonist.

I could probably write an entire blog on Anarchy Online alone, if I haven’t already, so I will bring it to a close now.

But somewhere out there, maybe running the grid, or cruising the waves in his trusty Yalmaha, or maybe even chilling in his swanky luxuary Jobe apartment, rests the tall, rugged 220 Trader with a red Mohawk, a scar over his right eye, known by the (slightly emo) name of Banishedsoul. Goodnight, sweet prince.

Whew! Congratulations if you made it this far, dear readers. Until next week!

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