Antagonist Nominated for Best Newcomer by Nordic Startup Awards

Nordic Startup Awards

Hello, there.

Some of you might remember that last fall we were considered to be one of the top 5 game-studios in Norway, according to an organization called Connect Norway.

Not long ago we received some more great news, we have been nominated in the Best Newcomer category by Nordic Startup Awards as one of the top 5 tech-startups in Norway. If you don’t know what Nordic Startup Awards is, here’s the blurb from their website:

The Nordic Startup Awards is a unique series of awards committed to celebrating Nordic ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit across the startup ecosystem.
Its overall aim is to bring together the best entrepreneurs and organizations within the Nordic startup ecosystem.
As the Awards cover the entire ecosystem we have categories that cover individuals, as well as organizations and startups.

It’s quite humbling to be nominated for best newcomer as we take the formation, stability and tenacity of our small team very seriously. It’s been just over a year since Antagonist was formally established, first as a Bachelor thesis project, and then as a proper company from last summer, and in that time we’ve come a very long way. There has been a lot of learning on the job (most of us had just graduated from college when the company was formed) and our economy has often been a little shaky, but we’re still a team and are holding things together nicely.

Best Newcomer

If you’d like to help us out and receive our eternal thanks and goodwill in return, you can do so by voting for us here (voting ends May 4th). You can find us in the best newcomer category in Norway if you really want to whittle it down. There are no prizes as such, it’s mostly a competition for the pure glory of winning and being recognised for our hard work and strong team. If we get to the final there are some great networking opportunities which are often more valuable than money in the long run anyway.

Door Plackard

Every bit of help we can get goes a long way and we really appreciate any and all support for our cause. All we want is to be able to make great games for people to enjoy, and to keep doing what we love to do.

Thanks for reading.

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