Our Kickstarter Made It!

Hello and many greetings, fellow followers of Antagonist!

You may have noticed, but we have been a little quiet on our website recently, if nowhere else. That’s because we were running a Kickstarter campaign which has taken up all our time this past month. And the reward for all the late nights and stress of working 14 hours a day for a month is that our Kickstarter was successful! Our Kickstarter made it! Our thanks go out to you guys and the great community that gathered around us during the campaign. Now we are safe for a while longer and the wolves aren’t sniffing under the door.

Thanks to all the backers and everyone else who helped us! We sincerely couldn’t have done this without you guys! As you might have noticed, something happened in the last hour of the campaign; a backer pulled a big pledge, taking us back by $3,000. Sadly, this means that even though we initially did get past our second Stretch Goal, the total amount of money we raised ended up being below the $45,000 Stretch Goal.

Still, it was an amazing campaign, with a really impressive turnaround where we raised over $20,000 in the last week alone. For a small, almost unknown Norwegian indie studio, this was a touching surprise to us all, to see the community gather round us and push us past our goal. We will be setting up a way for late Backers to help the project out via one of several payment methods, but we’ll let you know more about this in the next days.

The updated Kickstarter page is up! We’ll now need a few days to get everything sorted. We’re planning to have a post-mortem blog for our Kickstarter ready within near future, so stay tuned!

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