Question Time Returns!

So! The beast has awoken from its slumbers. Question Time is about to make a comeback so strong you’ll be left without a face, only your hair and ears!

Question Time took a break because no one was writing enough in their responses to make it worth it, and nothing has changed! Here we go!

Question: What is the game you have spent the longest playing, and why?

Torstein-Headshot Torstein: I am going to assume that Dwarf Fortress is the game I’ve played the most, because there is no way for me to find out. It’s one of those games that you can completely lose yourself in. I think the reason it’s so compelling is that every little thing that exists in the game’s world is simulated very meticulously, making the whole world feel unpredictable and believable enough to suspend the disbelief of even quite jaded gamers.

The extremely basic graphics actually help too, forcing you to try to figure out what the hell is going on by reading about it and trying to imagine it. It’s almost like reading a good book! But with no plot, and written in a language you barely understand.

The greatest thing I ever did in any of my fortresses was building a giant water silo with a big spout that shot intruders straight out of my entrance hall! Except the water didn’t have enough pressure to actually do that, so it just knocked people over and covered them in mud instead… And the construction of the silo was so perilous that it nearly killed all the dwarves in my fortress. Fun!

Torje-Headshot Torje: Through the Woods, because of crappy internet and crappy computer :) WoW vanilla/tbc, probably 2 years in-game time or more. No regrets :smile:

Stian-Headshot Stian: Not quite sure if WoW or Battlefield 3WoW because one time it was actually really good and addictive and BF because we needed some breaks every day to do something completely different and generating adrenaline during studies!


Eirik-Headshot Eirik: Dota 2 with 1,557.3h according to It is my go to game when I play with friends. I rack up the most hours in multiplayer, but after that it’s Skyrim and Dark Souls 2 with about 100 and 85 hours.

Anders-Headshot Anders: My most clocked game is the same as the one I mentioned as my my favorite game, Anarchy Online. No idea how much, but I know the /played time in the game was above 365 days (some was spent AFK, but usually at least 5h a day for a long time)
I wrote a lot about AO the last time, so I’ll try to limit it this time. I guess the main reason why I sunk so many hours into that game was the people I played with and against. Building an organization and the political aspects at play. Feeling an obligation to serve in the role of President and improving the play-time of the other members. Tack onto that an interesting lore in a sci-fi universe and mechanics to allow for a struggle between factions, and there you have why Anarchy Online is both my most favorite game, and the game I have sunk the most hours into.

Dan-Headshot Dan: I don’t know precisely which game I have spent the most time in so far, but it’s either Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Witcher 3 or Baldur’s Gate. All of them are wonderful, incredibly realised digital worlds with great stories and characters. I think the Witcher 3 is pretty much one of my favourite games ever as well. Sometimes, on a rainy Saturday, for example, I feel like I’d actually just prefer to wonder round in Geralt’s world doing various activities that would be frowned upon by society were I to try them in real life; rolling around in the mud in my best shoes, jumping on people in my best shoes and ski-sliding down large mountains in my best shoes. I think it helps a lot that the games are based on Andrzej Sapkowski‘s fascinating books.

Ole-Headshot Ole Helland: Final Fantasy VII. No doubt. The counter stops at 99:99:99, so I don’t know how many hours I’ve used, except that.



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