Kickstarter T-Shirt Options for Backers!

Hi, Backers! 

Here are the two t-shirt designs for you to choose from as your reward for supporting us on Kickstarter!

Option 1 – The Island

This shows the pier from which Espen is kidnapped, and the island where the game takes place with a runestone.



Option 2 – Hel

This shows Hel, a character from Norse mythology, goddess of Niflheim, the underworld. The runes above say ‘Naglfar’. Naglfar is the ship of the dead, made entirely of the toe and fingernails of corpses, in which Hel and Loki sail into the battle of Ragnarök


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    • Dan Wakefield
      Dan Wakefield says:

      Hi, Jesse.

      Thanks for your question! The Through the Beards shirt was designed because there were two members of the team with massive beards. Neither of them are with the company any more, so we all feel a little weird about the shirt. The beard shirt was more about the company, but we feel that Hel and her ship of the dead is more appropriate for the game.


  1. Jesse says:

    Totally understandable, both shirts look great. By the way, on the survey for the shirt option it didn’t ask for a size.

    • Dan Wakefield
      Dan Wakefield says:

      Hi, Jesse!

      Goodness me, that was not clever. We’ve sent a mail to everyone to ask them for that info. Finally sending out the surveys was obviously just too exciting!

      Thanks for doing our job for us! :)


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