The Antagonist Reawakens

Hello world! 2017 has been a long and tough year for the team. Making games and building a company is hard and the Through the Woods launch wasn’t as successful as we had hoped. This resulted in having to put things on ice for a while and unfortunately that’s also meant sparse patching of the game the past year. We’ll have some more news about the future of Through the Woods soon.

Antagonist is now finally back on track and hard at work with a new project. Over the summer we managed to be granted some funding for a second game called The Fold: Ingression – another horror adventure game set in Norway, although this time in first person! You can read more about it soon on the official website or on the Facebook page.

With a new start and a completely new project after many years, Antagonist is entering it’s final major phase (hopefully) in finding the right brand. It may not be the most important, or the smartest, move for a small team, but it is important for us to have a brand we can be proud of and better represents the name and goals of the company. In short the logo itself has transformed from “anarchist” to “antagonist” and “opposing forces”, with hints of both futuristic and Norse styles. Below is the basic development over the past years.

For our Through the Woods Kickstarter backers, even though it has taken inexcusably long for the physical rewards to be shipped out, you have not been forgotten and we are now in the final stages of getting everything together! All of the content is practically done, but unfortunately it has taken us a really long time to find somebody who can print the small amount of items, which was three to sixteen times the amount we needed, and with a decent quality. It has been very time consuming as we’ve had to take a break from the company for a while and had to use several printing companies to make all the different products. But! The final items are currently being processed and shouldn’t take too long now. We certainly hope it will be worth the wait!

In other news, Stian is heading to GDC this weekend, but we will not be showcasing any projects on a booth this year. Stian will be bringing some screenshots and footage with him though, and give anybody interested a sneak peak of The Fold so far. Development shots will be uploaded to Facebook and the website after GDC and we will do our best to keep updating frequently again.


Thanks for the patience and a late happy new year!


– Antagonist

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