What is Through the Woods?

Hello and howdy, people and others.

We just looked at our very sadly neglected website and realised it’s been around seven months since the last blog post. That’s crazy! We’ve decided it’s time for us to get back up and kick the horse, as the saying goes. Read more


Question Time Returns!

So! The beast has awoken from its slumbers. Question Time is about to make a comeback so strong you’ll be left without a face, only your hair and ears!

Question Time took a break because no one was writing enough in their responses to make it worth it, and nothing has changed! Here we go!

Question: What is the game you have spent the longest playing, and why? Read more

PAX Prime Post-Mortem

Antagonist’s PAX Prime Post-Mortem!

Hello, darlings and lovelies!

This year, for the first time, three of us at Antagonist packed our bags and flew in the big metal seagull to Seattle to show our game at PAX Prime. That is very cool, of course, but we were also on the Indie MEGABOOTH, which is arguably the best place to be at the show. As usual after these things, we thought it might be useful and interesting to do a quick post-mortem of our trip so others can learn from our mistakes and successes. So, purely for Yoast’s SEO; here’s our PAX Prime post-mortem! Read more


Antagonist’s Kickstarter Post-Mortem

Kickstarter Post-Mortem Time sure flies! It’s gone two months since we finished a successful crowd funding campaign for our game, Through the Woods. We thought it would be interesting and possibly useful to others if we wrote a quick Kickstarter post-mortem, so here are a few things we could have done better and a few things we […]


Help Us Win a Trip to Gamescom!

Hello, you delicious and faithful beauties and beasts!

This is pretty much our first proper blog since our Kickstarter ended! It’s been super busy here in the office these past few weeks!

So, what have we been up to in the month since our funding? Well, the more sensible question would be, what haven’t we been up to? We’re smashing through the whiteboxes of the stages of the game, we’ve designed three awesome new enemies that are now sitting in the forest, made a great start on the in-game music, been on NRK, Norway’s national TV station discussing female leads in games, created crows and a bird behaviour system and a.i. systems for one of the creatures and started incorporating stealth mechanics so you can finally sneak past some enemies. There has also been a massive graphics overhaul with the help of our fully custom textures, SpeedTree, the Substance series, new custom assets, Sonic Ether’s ambient occlusion, and a beautiful, brand new, fully custom water shader. Phew! That’s a lot of stuff in one month. Read more