New trailer for Through the Woods!

S’been a while!

With every footage of the game we’ve released so far, we made a decision as to what layer of the story or the feel of the game we wanted to peel off to reveal. It was always the plan to do it like this, but now we feel like it’s the time to reveal how the game plays and feels. Read more

Custom Textures

Photographing the Forest for Custom Textures

Hello and howdy, readers and lookers.

This week Torje, Stian and myself went on a bit of an adventure through a forest not far from Oslo to get some photos to use for custom textures. This is a very fun thing to do and is also great exercise!

The beautiful woods and the lake at Sognsvann lie only a few tube stops from the centre of Oslo and is a perfect place to walk around collecting reference images, ground and rock textures, etc. Read more

Viking Equipment

Viking Equipment

Splendorous greetings.

Welcome to this week’s artist blog. Every week we hope to post an artist blog to show a couple of interesting art assets that may or may not make it into the final version of Through the Woods. These could be character models, environments, concept art, monsters, objects in the game world, and so on. Read more

Antagonist's Favourite Games

Antagonist’s Favourite Games

Howdy and doody!

Every week, to help us show you more of who we are on the warm and gooey inside, we will be answering a weekly question.

This week’s question; What are Antagonist’s favourite games?

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