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We’re currently in the process of updating this website, so please bear with us if things look a little weird.

Get in touch if there’s anything we can help you with!

– Antagonist


An update on Through the Woods

Hi people of the internet!

It’s time for a long awaited update from us here at Antagonist.

My name is Anders Hillestad, I’m one of the Co-founders in Antagonist and the Producer on Through the Woods.

I’m the guy in charge of making sure our talented team has everything they need to make this game that we’re so excited about! And I felt that it was time that I let the rest of you know why it’s been a bit quiet from our side.
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From here on out; The announcement, the teaser and the future of the project!

Hey, I’m Ole Helland, and I’m the creative director and audio designer on Through the Woods.

This is the first “proper” blog post. Our goal is to make the development as exposed as possible. So if you want us to write about something, no matter how specific, let us know!

Anyway, just a few hours ago, we announced Through the Woods, its website and last but not least the teaser!

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