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Hello, you delicious and faithful beauties and beasts!

This is pretty much our first proper blog since our Kickstarter ended! It’s been super busy here in the office these past few weeks!

So, what have we been up to in the month since our funding? Well, the more sensible question would be, what haven’t we been up to? We’re smashing through the whiteboxes of the stages of the game, we’ve designed three awesome new enemies that are now sitting in the forest, made a great start on the in-game music, been on NRK, Norway’s national TV station discussing female leads in games, created crows and a bird behaviour system and a.i. systems for one of the creatures and started incorporating stealth mechanics so you can finally sneak past some enemies. There has also been a massive graphics overhaul with the help of our fully custom textures, SpeedTree, the Substance series, new custom assets, Sonic Ether’s ambient occlusion, and a beautiful, brand new, fully custom water shader. Phew! That’s a lot of stuff in one month. Read more


Our Kickstarter Made It!

Hello and many greetings, fellow followers of Antagonist!

You may have noticed, but we have been a little quiet on our website recently, if nowhere else. That’s because we were running a Kickstarter campaign which has taken up all our time this past month. And the reward for all the late nights and stress of working 14 hours a day for a month is that our Kickstarter was successful! Our Kickstarter made it! Our thanks go out to you guys and the great community that gathered around us during the campaign. Now we are safe for a while longer and the wolves aren’t sniffing under the door. Read more


Through the Woods is now on Kickstarter

Hello, people and other beings capable of reading.

Something very exciting just happened. Through the Woods is now on Kickstarter! It’s so great to see people who we don’t know backing the project straight away! We even had one or two people back the project before they would have had time to watch the entire Kickstarter video. Read more


New trailer for Through the Woods!

S’been a while!

With every footage of the game we’ve released so far, we made a decision as to what layer of the story or the feel of the game we wanted to peel off to reveal. It was always the plan to do it like this, but now we feel like it’s the time to reveal how the game plays and feels. Read more

Custom Textures

Photographing the Forest for Custom Textures

Hello and howdy, readers and lookers.

This week Torje, Stian and myself went on a bit of an adventure through a forest not far from Oslo to get some photos to use for custom textures. This is a very fun thing to do and is also great exercise!

The beautiful woods and the lake at Sognsvann lie only a few tube stops from the centre of Oslo and is a perfect place to walk around collecting reference images, ground and rock textures, etc. Read more