Kickstarter T-Shirt Options for Backers!

Hi, Backers! 

Here are the two t-shirt designs for you to choose from as your reward for supporting us on Kickstarter!

Option 1 – The Island

This shows the pier from which Espen is kidnapped, and the island where the game takes place with a runestone.



Option 2 – Hel

This shows Hel, a character from Norse mythology, goddess of Niflheim, the underworld. The runes above say ‘Naglfar’. Naglfar is the ship of the dead, made entirely of the toe and fingernails of corpses, in which Hel and Loki sail into the battle of Ragnarök



Through the Woods at EpiCon this weekend


This weekend, you’ll find us at Cinemateket at EpiCon that goes on during Film fra Sør! We’ll be on the second floor, where you can test out the latest prototype for Through the Woods from 6pm, both days. Entrance is free, unless you want to check out a movie (or spend some moolah at any of the other stands)!

You’ll also be able to test out games by our friends at Krillbite Studio, Rock Pocket Games and Snow Castle during the same event, so be sure to stop by!


Our Kickstarter Made It!

Hello and many greetings, fellow followers of Antagonist!

You may have noticed, but we have been a little quiet on our website recently, if nowhere else. That’s because we were running a Kickstarter campaign which has taken up all our time this past month. And the reward for all the late nights and stress of working 14 hours a day for a month is that our Kickstarter was successful! Our Kickstarter made it! Our thanks go out to you guys and the great community that gathered around us during the campaign. Now we are safe for a while longer and the wolves aren’t sniffing under the door. Read more

Motion Capture

Motion Capture; A Norwegian Forest Beast

Howdy, readers of update blogs!

The one thing that has been missing from our game over the last months has been realistic motion captured performance animations. Well, this is no longer the case! We visited
(a large Norwegian games company) last week to record motion capture for our main player character, Karen, and also a giant Norwegian forest beast. Read more

Nordic Startup Awards

Antagonist Nominated for Best Newcomer by Nordic Startup Awards

Hello, there.

Some of you might remember that last fall we were considered to be one of the top 5 game-studios in Norway, according to an organization called Connect Norway.

Read more